Gay Straight Alliance

“First of all there's no scientific proof people are born gay & lesbian this is a disorder just like any other disorder.” That is just one quote from the public at a Monday night meeting discussing a proposed Gay Straight Alliance Club.

No doubt that belief wasn’t shared by everyone in attendance. But the vast majority of those standing up to speak up, expressed their disapproval of a potential gay straight alliance at Hononegah.

“People will destroy there lives if they wish to do so, but a public high school should not play a part and open its doors to such an agenda”

But the teacher who has been asked by students to head up the club says it’s simply a place where students can feel safe; nothing more and certainly nothing inappropriate.

“The purpose of this club is not to discuss sex, the purpose of this club is to offer support for gay & lesbian students,” says Cathrine Aubrecht.

Albrecht also says straight kids would be encouraged to join as well. Kids that have a gay family member or friend they would like to support. Or even kids who have a gay friend but disagree with the life style.

“I'd be very welcoming of that student because that student wants to talk about things in an appropriate manor,” says Aubrecht.

The school’s legal council added that there is a well documented legal precedent and that the district would be open to discrimination lawsuits if it didn't allow the group to meet.