Stateline Storm Anniversary

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July 5, 2003 is the day 80 to 100 mile per hour winds tore down power lines, snapped trees, and destroyed buildings.

We remember the storm like it was yesterday. The stateline awoke to find roads blocked off, the power out, and widespread damage. The demand was high for chain saws, coolers, and of course ice.

David Howard says, "The worst part is how hot it was especially since we were without the electricity. But that is what made is so memorable."

A year ago, ComEd would’ve had over 400 crews out trying to restore power to the more than 112,000 customers who were in the dark.

Hundreds of utility crews were called in to work long hours to repair the damage caused by Mother Nature. ComEd says the storm helped re-affirm that they have the proper emergency response actions in place.

But what about us? Have we changed our daily routine or taken steps to better prepare ourselves in the event of another storm?

Rockford resident Patty Thompson says, "There was no warning, it just happened. So no I probably wouldn't of prepared or change now."

But most people agree the early morning winds blew in a new found commitment to our community and the true meaning of what it means to help thy neighbor.