Wisconsin and Rockford Reservists Head to Kosovo

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Especially for families who for the first time have to say good-bye. In our community many men and women are still getting called to serve.

It's not often we hear of units heading to Kosovo. But now four Wisconsin men and one Rockford resident are on a mission for peace. Nineteen-year-old Dan Miller from Rockford is part of Beloit’s Preventive Medicine Detachment of the 330th Medical Brigade. Their mission is similar to local health departments. Mike Miller, Dan’s father says these members will perform food, water and sanitation inspections and monitor insect populations.

In his first trip overseas, Dan will join a multinational force to keep the peace until Kosovo gains more independent security. United Nations and NATO peacekeepers currently run Kosovo. Dan's father says the threat of danger is still high.

But this young soldier is in good company. The other member's he's with will show him how to survive life overseas.

Dan spent the holiday weekend here in Rockford, now he's on his way to train in Indiana. Then it's off to Germany before finally setting up shop in Kosovo. Once the five reservists get to Kosovo they are expected to be there for six months.