Plane Crashes in Winnebago County

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Kelly Mcbride walks away from a turbulent afternoon in the skies...that grounded his plane in this corn field near OwenCenter and Lathem roads in Winnebago County. "In formation, I started having some engine trouble, I realized I wasn't going to make it," McBride said. McBride was on his way to perform in an air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin when he lost complete power and crashed at about 12:45 Saturday afternoon. He wasn't hurt...but you can see from the landing how his V-35 Bonanza aircraft plowed though the corn. Winnebago county deputies arrived shortely after the crash. "The local law enforcement helicopter had spotted the plane in the corn field about a mile from the roadway," said Sgt. Brian Harrison. Authorities spent much of the afternoon investigating the scene. They say nothing appears suspicious...just an unfortunate case of engine failure. McBride says he actually wasn't too scared when this all played out. "We're trained from the beginning of aviation to pick our forced landing spots and all that training kicked in and you can see i don't have a scratch on me," McBride said. A lucky pilot, who now moves on with fixing his plan. Plans are underway to tow the plane from the cornfield and bring it to a nearby airport for repairs. It's too early to say why the plane's engine failed. McBride was the only one in the plane. He is from California and part of a peformance group called "Bonanzas to Oshkosh."

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