Flooding Caused by Human

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The clean up continues for residents of Pearl City after last week's record rainfall caused the Yellow Creek to run through homes and businesses in the area.

Tuesday they were out searching for answers to why this creek swallowed this town as bad as it did. And the answer they believe they found, is disturbing.

Residents say that they couldn't believe how bad the town flooded and thought there had to be an answer, and they believe it may be due to human carelessness.

Town officials believe that farmers who have cleared trees along the creek may have either left them to rot along the banks or pushed them in, that created a plug that eventually flooded the town.

But a pig farmer who is being investigated along with other farmers for possibly being negligent of this says that the town’s flood was due to Mother Nature and that any other reason is hogwash.

Still for families who have lost nearly everything in this flood are trying to clean up, they say that if someone is responsible for destroying their homes they better be held accountable.

Now, town officials say that they are going to ask the state for assistance in this investigation, and if they find that negligence was the cause of this devastating flood, they will do what they have to bring those responsible to justice.