Freeport Hospital Wants to Expand

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This is Deb Williams office at the Freeport Hospital. Stacks of files cram up against the wall...and a clutter of papers fill her desk. "It's very challenging to know where things are and to try and remember who you've called," Williams said. But Williams isn't alone with tight quarters. Check out this doctor's office...and this patient room. "We are out of space and we have to have new additional space," said Michael Perry, President of the Freeport Hospital Network. So the hospital is planning a 60,000 square foot clinic that would fill part of this land off Burchard Avenue. "There will be 22 physicians. They can all practice at one time and it runs from orthopedic to outpatient physical therapy to occupational medicine," Perry said. He sees not only more space to stretch out with a new clinic...but also a chance to attract more doctors. But before the hospital can begin the project and look forward to more room, they have to get the green light from here at City Hall. At issue is the hospital's request for a special taxing district to pay for infrastructure on the proposed site. Mayor George Gaulrapp says the land seems like a good fit for the hospital...but it's too early to say anything about the taxing district. "What we have to do is present it to the public, have the public forum, then bring it to the city council," Gaulrapp said. The hospital says it will break ground right away if it gets approval from the city....and say goodbye to offices, perhaps smaller than a jail cell. The hospital is partnering with at least one other developer for the land along Burchard Avenue. That developer wants to build a 99-bed senior living center. The first chance for public comment on this project will be next Thursday at 5pm at city hall.

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