Morgan Street Bridge Expansion

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These Rockford residents aren't heartbroken when they hear their public housing complex might be torn down.

"I think it's great. They need to tear them down and give us Section 8," said Jane Adams resident, Amanda Farrell.

"In a way I think it will be good because some of these houses are gross. There's a lot of things that go wrong with them," said Jennifer Farrell.

To make way for an expansion of the Morgan Street Bridge, half of the homes at the Jane Adams public housing complex will be torn down. Rockford Housing Authority leaders also see the demolition as an opportunity.

"We just feel the time is good. The fact that the bridge is being expanded, it gives us an opportunity as public housing to ask ourselves, can we offer better quality of life for the residents that choose to live in public housing?" said Rockford Housing Authority director, Lewis Jordan.

Jordan hopes to obtain federal funding to completely tear down the complex and de-densify the area.

"It will give us a chance to create more green space in this particular community, to give more living space for people to have room to stretch out a little," said Jordan.

While demolition is more than a year away, Jane Adams residents are excited about the possibilities.

"The thing I would want most is a place for my niece to play at," said Jane Adams resident, Jennifer Farrell.

Residents of the Jane Adams complex will have a chance to learn more about the plan and voice their concerns at a series of public meetings in the next few months. The meetings will be held by the Housing Authority.