Tainted Toothpaste

CHICAGO (AP) -- Chicago's Department of Consumer Services says it has confiscated hundreds of tubes of possibly tainted counterfeit toothpaste from Chicago businesses.

The department says it found 775 tubes of counterfeit toothpaste at Swap-O-Rama on Ashland Avenue. Toothpaste also was confiscated from four other businesses.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently sent investigators to look for tubes of counterfeit Colgate after it was found in a neighboring state.

The Food and Drug Administration has warned that fake Colgate distributed in some East Coast states may contain a poisonous chemical typically used in antifreeze.

The department of consumer services says consumers should look out for Colgate toothpaste that is labeled "manufactured in South Africa." Colgate does not import toothpaste into the U-S from South Africa.

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