Safe Imports

WHITE HOUSE (AP) -- The president has set up a new government panel that will try to guarantee the safety of food and other products shipped into the U-S. But the White House insists its not a "slap" at China.

The Food and Drug Administration's ability to monitor the food supply has come under steady criticism as food contaminated with salmonella and E. coli made it into homes.

Last month, the F-D-A announced it would detain Chinese catfish and several other categories of fish, as well as shrimp and eel. This, after repeated testing turned up contamination with drugs that haven't been approved in the U-S for use in farmed seafood.

China has announced that teams of food safety officials from the U-S and China will meet in Beijing at the end of this month, as China tries to reassure the international community its food exports are safe to eat.

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