Human Bones Found

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Jennifer Peterson lost her father just a few months ago. She says it's been hard to move on and she relies on quiet moments in the New Milford Cemetery where he's buried to ease her grief. But Tuesday she made a discovery at the cemetery that shattered her peace.
"I saw a bone laying down by the tree and I turned around there was some more, a longer, a much bigger one," says Peterson.
The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department and coroner's office responded to the scene to investigate what turned out to be eight to ten bones.
"They believe the bones are in fact human, at this point there is no indication of foul play. It appears as though, preliminarily, that the bones were unearthed during the course of digging that was done by representatives from the cemetery," says Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro of the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department.
Investigators speculate the bones may have been dug up from an old grave while gravediggers were making new ones. Then the excess dirt was cast to the side where Peterson made her gruesome discovery.
Peterson believes this wouldn't have happened if cemetery workers kept an accurate record of exactly where each of the graves is.
"There should be some sort of record keeping over the years of who is where on a plot of land. It should be forever, when you have family members buried you go there to visit, you know they're there," says Peterson.
Now she hopes her loved ones will stay in their final resting places.
Peterson says the bones did not look deteriorated. The Winnebago County Coroner expects to know more about how old the remains are and where they came from in the next few days.

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