Neighbors Say Area Improved After Apartment Buildings Condemned

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Drive down Fisher Avenue and it looks a lot different than it did a few weeks ago. Police aren't called as often now that residents in the three 12-unit Fisher Avenue apartment buildings were kicked out Sunday night. Already, neighbors say things have improved.

"Things are much better since the crack hotels been condemned you could use your front room there's no shootings no blatant dealings in the streets no fights no riots," says resident Stuart Johnson.

"Very quiet right now, there's nobody out so I think the building is really closed," says resident Walter Steward.

Duke Properties says drugs and illegal activity left them no choice but to shut down. They gave tenants a month to move out. Now all that's left are boarded windows and notes warning against trespassers. Leaving empty buildings, some residents say they'd rather not see.

"I'd love to see it leveled to the ground it wouldn't bother me at all turn the whole building into a parking lot, I don't care," Johnson says.

Up until recently, Rockford Police responded to more than five-hundred calls on Fisher Avenue since January. Some times even three to four a day. But now with good portion of the residents gone, police say things have been mostly quiet. Managers at Duke Properties did not return our calls.

The Coronado Haskell Neighborhood Association has marched twice this year to raise awareness on the crime issue. They'll be holding their third march on July 24th at St. Paul Lutheran Church at 5:30pm.

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