Ground Zero Health Issues

NEW YORK (AP) -- Workers who say they're ailing from the effects of toxic dust at the World Trade Center site are going to court to demand payment for their health care.

Their attorneys say the company overseeing a one (b) billion-dollar insurance fund needs to use that money to compensate the workers.

Already, the group has filed a class-action lawsuit, and it's now seeking funding from money appropriated by Congress to handle health claims related to the Nine-Eleven attacks.

New York City officials have long said the money must first be used to litigate claims before it goes to workers. But attorneys filing the lawsuit in Manhattan's state Supreme Court argue the money was created to reimburse ailing workers -- not fight them in court.

There are estimates it will cost about 390 (m) million dollars a year to care for Ground Zero workers who are sick or could develop problems later on.

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