Salmonella Lawsuit

CHICAGO (AP) -- Two people who say they fell ill after eating hummus at the Taste of Chicago food festival are suing the restaurant that served the food.

Forty-nine-year-old Monique Roach and 43-year-old Willie Smith filed a lawsuit yesterday against Pars Cove Persian Cuisine.

Roach says she and Smith visited the festival on June 29Th and got sick the next day. She says she went to the hospital after getting worse and was diagnosed with salmonella poisoning.

Pars Cove co-owner Mike Bambouyani says he sympathizes with those who got sick but it seems too soon for a suit to be filed.

The Chicago Department of Health says more than 500 people have reported becoming ill after eating food from the Pars Cove booth. Health officials have confirmed that at least 50 of those cases were caused by salmonella poisoning and at least 17 people were hospitalized.

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