Saying Goodbye to Mr. Atwood

Stateliners will be saying goodbye to a man on saturday whose name wasn't Mr. Rockford but it very well could have been .

A memorial gathering will be held this Saturday from 3-5 p.m. At Rockford Country Club for Seth G. Atwood. Atwood died on Sunday at the age of 92. If the last name sounds familiar it very well should be. From the Atwood Forest Preserve and Golf Course to the infamous Time Museum once housed in the Clocktower Resort and even the old Atwood Vacuum Company, Seth was a member of the pioneering and prominent Atwood family. 23 news spoke with a close friend of Atwoods today who said Seth was more than just an entrepreneur at heart.

"I was raised in a manufacturing environment so for me it was Atwood Vacuum its a manufacturing company that is no longer here but was really a bellweather to the community for almost a century and you know thats really I think the number one." said John McNamara from Rockford College.

The other big thing Mcnamara associates the Atwood name is with its many philanthropic efforts, most notably our parks and forest preserves. Mcnamara says its pretty extraordinary when a family can leave a legacy that is open and accessible to everyone .

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