Ice Cream Vendor Murdered

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To many of us, it's only ice cream. But to dozens of street vendors, the summer treat generates their family's income. And now ice cream vendors and lovers are shocked someone would kill a Rockford staple.

"He's very nice people and he talked to everybody," says Auis Almaraz.

47-year-old Isidro Duran of Chicago was robbed and shot several times while selling ice cream on Loomis Street around 6:30 Sunday night.

A neighbor saw Duran get shot. He brought him into his home and laid him down on his dining room floor and just waited for paramedics to arrive.

Duran died on the way to Swedish American Hospital. This ice cream vendor was robbed at gunpoint two weeks ago and says this is a chilling reminder of how dangerous his job can be.

"It's very difficult to come out these days because there's a lot of crimes around but we still got to fight for the money to provide for our family," says a local ice cream vendor.

"We come with fear even more nobody has their life barred so we're gonna keep on working be careful more," says a local ice cream vendor.

Other ice cream vendors I talked to say they usually carry no more than 100 dollars on them at a time. So many think being robbed over that dollar amount is just outrageous

Rockford police have three suspects in custody. They're 18-year-old Justin Dismuke, Michael Jennings and 17-year-old Rafael Santos. Police have not released their photos since witnesses are still identifying them.

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