Campaign Money

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Led by Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidates outraised G-O-P candidates in the second quarter.

Democratic candidates raised 80 (m) dollars, with Obama the top fundraiser for the primary at 32 (m) million followed by Clinton at 21 and-a-half (m) million.

Obama ended the quarter with 34 (m) million in the bank. Clinton had 33 (m) million.

The Republicans raised 50 (m) million, but only former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani raised more money than he spent.

Senator John McCain raised eleven (m) million but spent 13 (m) million and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had to lend his campaign six (m) million to stay even with his spending.

McCain ended the quarter with a little more than three (m) million dollars cash on hand and nearly two (m) million in debts.

Candidates in both parties spent nearly 50 (m) million dollars from April through June, with more money going for staff, travel and consultants.

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