Too Many Lawyers?

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Lawyer jokes aside, a lawmaker says he wants to eliminate all state funding for the University of Wisconsin Law School.

He believes there are too many lawyers in the state.

State Representative Frank Lasee (Lah-SAY') says the state doesn't need any more ambulance chasers or frivolous lawsuits.

The Green Bay Republican convinced his colleagues in the G-O-P-controlled Assembly to include his plan in their version of the two-year budget approved earlier this week.

That proposal appears to have little chance at becoming law.

Governor Doyle says it's ridiculous and bizarre.

The plan would cut state funding for the law school over the next three years before eliminating it completely in 2010.

The American Bar Association says Wisconsin ranks in the middle of the pack for the number of practicing lawyers in the state.

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