Company Moving After 90 Years

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Greg Watt spent Thursday afternoon talking to folks at a farewell ice cream social in Mount Morris. His company, Watt publishing, is leaving town after a remarkable 90 years. "This is a very small way to say thanks for all the support they provided us," said Greg Watt, President of Watt Publishing. Some of the former workers shared fond memories. Other's didn't work there, but felt just as strong about the company. "The best part of my life work life was spent with Watt Publishing Company. I enjoyed working there and I think I did reasonably well and the company was happy with me," said David Coppernoll, a former Watt employee. "It's a very memorable time. I'm a little bit the way I am because I hate to see them leave," says Mount Morris Resident Sam Thomas. Thomas says it was the quality of people at Watt that made company so appealing. Watt opened in Mount Morris in 1917. Four generations later, they continue to produce business trade magazines. The company is now moving to the SupplyCore building in downtown Rockford. "Our business has really changed over the last several years. It's much more of a digital one than a print-oriented business," Watt said. He says the new Rockford site provides better access to internet infrasturcture and a stonger market for internet-savey workers. The move comes soon onJuly 30th, marking a new chapter in the company with a rich history not too far away. Along with being a major employer in Mount Morris, Watt got involved in United Way programs there. Even though Watt plans to recuirt new workers, it's current 40 employees will continue their jobs in Rockford. The company's last official day in Mount Morris is July 26th.

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