State Budget Issues

Illinois's state budget impasse is now resounding in Washington where a warning is being sounded. The longer Springfield takes to solve their issues means we're going to have to wait to see infrastructure improvements around the state.

That's according to US Senator Dick Durbin. He's hoping the Governor and state leaders can figure it out before the crisis jeopardizes federal transportation funds. Congress has passed a record amount of federal money for Illinois transportation. The problem is, the state only gets that money if it provides some of it's own.

Durbin says lawmakers need to approve state construction money so projects can start getting done.

One of the projects possibly effected by the hold up, Amtrak's rail service in the stateline. What Illinois needs for the train service is a capital plan to be approved, more than 32 million in funds are supposed to be handed over to upgrade the tracks Amtrak would travel along.

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