Rockford Teachers Ratify Contract

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Rockford public schools will open as scheduled Tuesday morning. Rockford teachers have ratified a new contract a contract reached after a marathon bargaining session on Saturday.

More than 1,210 teachers packed Guilford High School this afternoon to hear the terms of an agreement reached late last night by their union representatives. After hearing the details, they overwhelmingly accepted the new contract.

Teachers left the vote overjoyed by the content of the new three year contract the union and school board were able to come to terms with Sunday night. And it was more than they expected.

Teachers had been working without a contract since June 30, but now they will receive a four percent increase in salary each of the next two years with 3.75 percent the following year.

Monthly insurance deductions will increase though, but teachers will now have a more active role in student discipline and on site decision-making. It's a contract teachers say will now allow them to be competitive and attract more teachers. .

One hurdle still remains before this contract can be signed. The school board on Tuesday has to approve it, but members tells us that that is pretty much just a formality.