The Past Is Back to Haunt Ryan

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Obama's opponent, Republican candidate Jack Ryan, spent the day defending his character. Monday, a California judge released documents from Ryan's 1999 divorce.

Jack Ryan didn't think his dirty laundry would be out for all of us to see. In fact, that may have been one reason why Ryan told Republican Party leaders that nothing in the documents would be embarrassing to the party, but now we know a little of what's in the records. The documents say that allegations were made from his ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan, that he urged her to have sex in public.

Jack Ryan says, "In the end think about it, there was no allegation about infidelity or of breaking any laws. I kept all civil and criminal laws, I kept my vows to my spouse and so I think that people will agree that's not that bad compared to what all the rumors were about out there,” Ryan says. “There was not much there telling people that I couldn't be a good U.S. senator.”

Ryan denies the sexual allegations and fought for the documents to remain sealed, saying he wanted to protect his nine-year-old son, but political analysts say Ryan may be wrong in using his son to cover up his past. Rockford College political science professor Bob Evans says both the Republican Party and financial supporters could force Ryan to step down.

As for Ryan's opponent, Democratic candidate Barack Obama, it's the issues he's focusing on. During his stop in Rockford, Obama told the press that he has no plans to use Ryan's past to boost his numbers.

Life on the campaign trail continues for Obama and Ryan, but for Obama it's the typical issues like jobs, education and health care he'll be addressing. For Ryan, it's his married life that may be at issue for quite some time.