Pump Checks

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It's something few of us think about, how do we know we're getting what we pay for at the pump?

"They could really rip you off if you don't know the system, and obviously I don't," said Rockford resident Tina Chiodini.

The good news is there is a system to monitor gas stations. State inspector Terry Shroyer works for the Department of Agriculture. He's seeing how the Citgo station on Rockton Avenue measures up.

"What we do is run five gallons off the meter and then measure it in our Prover to see if it's within tolerance," said inspector Shroyer.

Shroyer checks the amount of gas dispensed, the percentage of ethanol or alcohol and looks for advertising violations.

"They have to have the same price that's on the sign be on the meter itself, and yes if there is a number or numbers missing, that's a violation," said Shroyer.

Not only does the inspector make sure stations aren't pumping up their prices. Shroyer also looks for pumps that could be dipping into stations’ profits.

"If it's too high or too low, we'll reject the dispenser. This is a good location. Everything's within compliance and there's no problems here," said Shroyer.

The state inspects all grades at all pumps in Rockford about once a year. One way we can be sure a station meets state standards, look for the state seal of approval.

The good news is the violation rate for pumps in Illinois is only two to three percent, many for maintenance reasons. Schroyer also inspects scales at area grocery stores. To report a complaint call 800-582-0468.