Coming Home

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On June 30 Iraqis gain sovereignty and our American troops pull out of the fight. It was thought that the 333rd National Guard unit wouldn't have to worry about this transfer of power. That still may be the case.

Tim Brugger’s Father’s Day present came through and e-mail. The captain of the 333rd military police unit based in Freeport writes that the unit is coming home and soon. That means daddy's little girl the now 21-year-old Kari won't have to miss another Father's Day.

Tim says, “You get news like that and yea it gets you pumped up, but like I said I won't believe it till she's stateside."

This is the second time families of the 333rd have been informed that the end is in sight. But the last time ended up being a lie as the unit was ordered to extend their stay. At one point some of the unit’s members were stationed at the Abu Grab prison. That's not the case anymore and the soldiers are telling their families here in the U.S. not to ship anything over. Care packages won't get there in time if the unit leaves on the two tentative dates, possibly before June 30 or by July 4.

Family members hope the unit is deployed before June 30 as no one knows what to expect after power is transferred to the interim government.