Metro Centre Image Revamp

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The orange box housing the Metro Centre Arena has come to symbolize downtown Rockford.

"I would consider it a great asset," said Rockford resident Pat McClelland.

"It has the potential to bring a lot of things in," said Rockford resident Dave Kuchinsky.

Almost everyone in the community has some opinion of the Metro Centre, some good, some bad. There are complaints about parking.

"Sometimes that's the reason we don't go to things, because it's hard to park," said McClelland.

And the acts.

"Now I have no desire to see any of the acts that they bring in," said Kuchinsky.

But generally people want to see the Metro Centre do well, and despite reports to the contrary, Metro Center leaders says the facility is slowly making a comeback.

"We're in the position as a building and a staff to really take off," said Metro Centre director, Corey Pearson.

May was a big month for the facility, bringing in $96,000 in profits.

"We're doing better. I don't think we're doing a good job of getting the word out of how we're doing," said Metro Centre Authority chairman, Gary Mazorati.

The facility still faces a $2 million deficit, and Metro Center director Corey Pearson says there is a lot of work still to be done.

"What I think we want to do and what they want to lean towards, we don't just want to squeak by. What do we do to improve on this?" said Pearson.

Board members say they want to do more to combat the Metro Centre's negative image in the community. The big challenge is how to do that with a limited budget.