Rochelle Woman Sues McDonald's

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Almost every McDonald's sign boasts about the billions of customers served. But claims of employees "not serving" could get them into trouble.

Meet Dawn Larson. She has Holt-Oram Syndrome. It's where her fingers are six inches from her shoulders, making her hands almost useless. She cooks, eats, drives even paints with her feet. And says she's gone her whole life with very little ridicule. At least until she says Rockford McDonald's employees refused to hand her family's meal to her left foot, even after shelling out 24-dollars.

"Oh girl, you ain't got no arms and she couldn't just believe this and she was disgusted and she wouldn't hand me my food she would not talk to me me anymore she walked to the back and got her manager," Larson says.

That was in November at the Kishwaukee Street store. She hired an attorney and then in February, she says it happened again at the McDonald's at 4365 11st Street.

Larson's four kids were in the car both times. Two of them also have Holt Oram and both say they were initially refused their food. So now Larson is suing the McDonald's Corporation for 19-million dollars for violating her human rights.

"I was denied the right to feed my children and was denied my right to feel as equal as the next body."

McDonald's released this statement. They say they apologize for any misunderstandings and are working to get all the facts straight. And with their strict policy against discrimination, they deny Larson was ever mistreated.

The lawsuit has the first names of the employees involved in both occasions. So I called around and found out three of the four employees, which are women, still work for McDonald's, but at different locations in Rockford. It's not clear if the fourth person was fired or left the company.

McDonald's spokespeople would not go into detail about the lawsuit. So we're not sure if those women will stay employed.

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