Paris Hilton's Cell Phone Number Given To Someone Else

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It took a while for Shira Barlow to figure out why she was getting so many phone calls with birthday wishes, party inquiries and requests to get on guest lists at L-A nightclubs.

At first, the U-C-L-A junior thought the random references to "Paris" were some kind of nickname.

But then it all fell into place. She had been assigned a new cell phone number that had previously belonged to Paris Hilton.

Barlow tells the Los Angeles Times that when Hilton entered jail last month, a former bodyguard sent his love. A friend called to commiserate and lend support. And there have been a lot of text messages.

Barlow has resisted the temptation to pose as Hilton to get on the guest list of exclusive parties. She intends to keep the number, calling it a greater source of amusement than a hassle.

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