Fireworks Injury

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Signs of Independence Day clutter the streets of Beloit. But there's no leftover holiday cheer. 15-year-old Jatona Green learned a tough lesson when she set off a mortar-like firework, unsupervised, for her young cousins.

You're supposed to set the base of the firework on the ground and then light the mortar on top, but she was holding it in her hand, causing a major injury.

"She said she was running water on it and that her finger was already hanging when she was running water she could see the flesh and bones on top," says Green's mother, Theresa Green.

"This is one of the worst experiences I've had on the Fourth of July," says Beloit Fire Chief Brad Liggett.

1.4 grams of explosives were in the mortar, which police say is strong enough to kill a seven-year-old. Where it came from? A Wisconsin fireworks stand. And brought home by Green's cousin.

Fireworks can be sold legally in Wisconsin, but not to Wisconsin residents. They also can not be shot off in the state. And to avoid injuries like those suffered by Jatona Green, police want the sale of fireworks that shoot off to become illegal

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