Residents Fight Housing Plan

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Lauren Ryall and his wife sit in one of their favorite spots at their Roscoe Township home...looking out at this field. "We come down here two, three times a week and watch the deer come in," Ryall said. The couple moved to the area eight months ago....but now worry about a proposed 34-unit housing project filling the view from these chairs. "It's a very peaceful scenic area. If they pass, it's going to be a subdivision," Ryall said. Ryall is not alone in his concern. He joined other neighbors Wednesday, armed with protest signs against the project. The site sits near Rockton and Whiteschool roads. Along with losing a piece of scenery there, there's concern that more houses means more flooding....something that current residents have dealt with in the past. "We have major water issues. I have to run a sump pump in the basement to keep water out, my neighbor is the same, " said Resident Tim Brugger. 23 News went to the developer's home Wednesday for comment on the controvertial project. But he wasn't home at the time. The next step for residents is Thursday night...when they take these signs before Roscoe Village leaders. The plan was rejected by Roscoe's zoning board. But residents tell me they don't think the village board will follow suit. The developer for this project is seeking a zoning change for the land as well as a pre-annexation agreement from the village.