Capturing Saddam

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The military presence in Iraq hasn't changed much since former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was captured nearly four year ago. But the political line is getting blurrier. Some republicans are inching away from the war.
"I call em quitters that's what they are they're quitters they shouldn't do that it's very harmful to morale of soldiers when they talk seditious type things like that," says LTC Steve Russell.

Lieutenant Russell was a major player in the capture of Saddam.

"It was one of the greatest days it was an incredible feeling."

Now retired, he travels the country encouraging troops to stay dedicated to the war. Some soldiers return home with anti-war feelings, while others anticipate their deployment.

"Lets go, lets go today. Absolutely give me the orders give me the word I'll kiss my wife and my family goodbye and let's make it happen," says SFC Christopher Collins.

"It really saddens me to know our boys are there fighting for us cause freedom ain't free and it's for us they're doing this so we need to stand behind them," says Betty Parks.

There were no protesters at today's Patriotic Prayer Breakfast. But throughout the Stateline, many are questioning why troops are still in Iraq.

Lieutenant Russell started a website called You can learn more about the success in Iraq and find ways to support the war effort

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