First Day School All Wet

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The first day of school for Pearl City students, and parents and kids expect to encounter obstacles on the first day of school, but five feet of water wasn't what they had in mind.

It's the first day of school in Pearl City, but more kids are in the streets than in the classroom. And math, science and english are not the task at hand.

After Thursday’s extensive flooding that closed roads and damaged homes, school officials excused students who couldn't make it to the classroom.

"They had nothing to wear. I couldn't send them in their clothes from yesterday because they were all wet,” says Pearl City Resident Billie Kloepping.

"They'd been through so much yesterday that we decided to let them stay home. They only had to go for two hours anyway,” says resident Kandi Knoup.

While these students missed a day of school, they learned valuable lessons about the power of Mother Nature, the importance of community and that school really isn't such a bad thing.

One third grader was asked what's worse going to school or cleaning the basement?"

“Cleaning the basement,” says Colton Bastian.