Rockford Education Chief May Look for New Job

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There's speculation that superintendent Doctor Alan Brown may be going after the state's head education job. Brown has been superintendent in the Rockford School District for the past two years. And while some board members think this could mean good things for his career, they also wonder what it will mean for the future of the district.

It's not yet confirmed, but sources tell us that Doctor Brown is interested in heading the state board of education. He is about to wrap up the second year of his three-year contract, and some board members believe brown has brought positive things to the district during his time as a leader in the school system.

Mike Bliss has served on the Rockford School Board. Even though the district has seen tough times, he says Brown has provided good things for Rockford’s school system and can do the same for the entire state.

"He's provided good leadership for the district. He has good ideas. He's passionate about education and about children,” says Bliss.

As superintendent Brown has passed three referendums, including the district's battle with desegregation and paying back protesting tax payers.

But Brown's move may leave a shaky future for the district, at a time when they're focusing on teacher negotiations and school improvement plans.

The state board is expected to select a finalist in July. If Brown does leave, the school board would then organize a nationwide search for their next school district leader.