Justice Center Problems Update

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This sign greeting visitors at the Justice Center's "bond out" office is a preview of what families say they've experienced inside. Some posted their relatives' bond yesterday and continue to wait at this hour.

Others say their loved ones have disappeared into the system, causing them to miss a court appearance.

"The judge was sitting there 20-30 minutes cause nothing was going on. He even asked where's the inmates?" says Robert Marske.

While I was in the bond out office, a women announced over the police radio she couldn't find Amanda Simonoff. Amanda is diabetic and needs insulin. So her parents are anxious she hasn't been released for nearly a day.

"I mean where is she? Cause like I say she could lapse into a coma and then what would happen cause then I have no way of accessing that," says Steven Simonoff.

The jail has doctors on staff and several medical units throughout the building. As far as the inmate backlog, administrators blame delays in the fingerprinting and photo program.

"The computer system should have been up and ready to go then move the inmates over," says Joseph Wilson, whose son is in jail.

The Jail Superintendent says 75 people were bonded out within a 24 hour period. So couple that with a new system, and she says delays are expected.

Sheriff Dick Meyers also says he expected delays and knew there would be issues once they moved in to the new jail. He says give the staff a few days to get used to the new computers and things should be running smoothly in the next few days.

The new computer program connects the county to the state, so photos and fingerprints are transferable. Administrators say at no time was security compromised.

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