Crash Test Results

Many drivers think they're safe because they drive big cars but new crash tests show many SUV’s, minivans, and pickups don't protect enough when it comes to rear end collisions.

According to the latest Insurance Institute of Highway Safety crash tests, neck injuries are the most common when it comes to car crashes and 58% of light trucks got failing grades

But there is some good news, head and neck protections getting better, 17 SUV’s, for example get good ratings for protecting you. Compared to only 6 just a couple of years ago.

Among those SUV’s getting top marks, the Acura RDX, Ford Freestyle, Honda CR-V and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Only one pickup truck, Toyota's Tundra , offered good protection.

Experts say the key to protecting ourselves is to make sure our head restraints in the right place, level with the top of our ears and as close to the back of our heads as possible.

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