Assigning Sales Tax Money

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The increased sales tax is expected to generate about 8 million dollars to go toward road projects and council members moved Monday night to start dividing that money up.
Based on their requests, aldermen received lists Monday detailing which streets in their wards will be reconstructed. The total adds up to about three and a half million dollars in neighborhood road projects so far. The council voted Monday night to award a citywide bid to one contractor to begin work on those streets in the next few weeks. Aldermen are excited to catch up on overdue road projects left sitting all last year due to a lack of funding.
"This is something that I would have done last year, just brought those projects forward and we didn't know up until last week whether we would be doing even that much. So we got the whole list tonight and everyone seems really pleased," says Alderman Nancy Johnson.
In the first phase of projects this summer, most of the work will be laying asphalt to resurface roads in preparation for the real reconstruction work still ahead. A few streets will likely receive reconstruction this summer as well.
Bids will open July 16th and work can begin soon after, most should be done by Thanksgiving. The construction company that is awarded the projects may subcontract out some portions.

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