Remembering Ronald Reagan

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All across the world, memorial services to thank the 40th leader of the United States for his leadership. On this day of burial, a ceremony at Memorial Hall where city and county leaders look back on his legacy.

Life in Rockford and Winnebago County stopped Friday afternoon to remember this boy from the Midwest. Our local leaders say Reagan's life is what many aspire to achieve. Republican Illinois Senator Dave Syverson admired Reagan for the fact that he didn’t live his 8 years in office by the polls. Syverson says for Reagan “people came first.”

Memorial Hall in Rockford filled with politicians, local leaders, and ordinary people. On this day, party affiliations are forgotten. Korean War Veteran Jack Philbrick says Ronald Reagan was great no matter what party you belong to. There were democrats and republicans alike here today.”

Ronald Reagan inspired the country during a time when there was little hope of making it through. During his presidency this great leader found a way to reassure the nation during tragic times like the Challenger disaster.

Rockford Mayor Doug Scott says, “I remember his Challenger speech. He found the right words at the right time to calm the nation.”

Now like the rest of the nation, Rockford and Winnebago County have been able to say thank you to this Midwestern boy who touched the world.

Annually Winnebago County will celebrate Ronald Reagan day on June 11th.