A Win For Rockford Roads

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"Congratulations Rockford, Illinois, we got it done," said Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey. Rockford Illinois got the go-ahead Friday to start collecting its higher sales tax early to iron out the bumps in city streets. "We're paving the way for Rockford's future beginning anew on July first," said Patrick Hayes, Rockford's Legal Department Director. The early sales collection was in jeopardy last week after Governor Rod Blagojevich vetoed a measure against a July 1st start date. But after an overite vote in the Senate Thursday, and one in the House Friday, retailers will start collecting that money this Sunday. Notices about the change, like this one, were mailed to retailers Friday for arrival on Saturday. "The nearly 6200 notices, which the Department of Revenue gave me this morning, wil be received and delivered to them by local mail carriers," said Hayes. And once that money starts coming in, work can move forward at fixing Rockford streets. "We'll be looking at construction in mid-August. It will be resurfacing in nature this year to get things going," said Brad Moberg, Rockford's City Engineer. City alderman will consider some of the work at its council meeting Monday night....driving forward on a victory that Mayor Morrissey attributes to collective hard work. "Sometimes you call it luck, but I believe that communities that work hard, communities that are willing to lead boldly and work together, they make luck happen for them," said Morrissey. So here's to a smoother ride around town....and more road construction ahead this summer. Mayor Morrissey did say that today's vote in the House wasn't an easy one because there weren't alot of House members in Springfield today. But he thanked representatives Chuck Jefferson and Dave Winters for getting enough votes to override the Govenor. Not everybody is excited about this early sales tax collection. 23 News received some emails and phone calls from viewers...arguing that Rockford residents voted for the higher sales tax to start coming in next year and the legislature shouldn't change that.