Local Animal Shelter Matches Pets With Owners

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They're cute and great to cuddle with but how do you know if you're picking the right pet? A local animal shelter hopes to answer that question.

Noah's Ark in Rockford is using an adoption process to make sure their animals are matched with the right owners.

Kennel Master Mac McCracken says, "People look, interact with the animals in a controlled environment, then we take an application from the adoptive parent. We like to have an introduction with all the family members."

There's also a 24 hour waiting period to adopt a pet, a process prospective pet owner Sarah Bruneau is familiar with.

"I was kind of nervous when they said they had to approve us. But I knew we would love the dog and I knew that they'd see that," said Bruneau

Getting approval is actually a lengthy procedure that includes a reference check from a veterinarian and approval from landlords. If you're a homeowner your insurance company could also be checked, "In some situations we'll verify if your homeowners will allow for this type of dog," says McCracken.

And even a potential pet owner’s lifestyle is taken into account. Bigger dogs are typically matched with people who like to go for runs and walks.

Noah's Ark says it’s important potential pet owners remember that owning a pet is a lifetime commitment.