Cyber Alert: Apple iPhone Launch

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It's quite possibly the most advanced cell phone ever, the Apple iPhone. At&T will unveil the Apple masterpiece June 29th at 6:00 p.m.

Gina Maccitelli, a Marketing Director for AT&T says there will definitely be people waiting in line for the phone.

And for good reason, it's a cell phone like none other. A computer, an iPod, a camera and a cell phone all wrapped up in one little package. Macchitelli says the iPhone is really going to revolutionize the wireless industry.

"After tomorrow when the phone launches, the wireless industry will be changed."

Not only does the iPhone have advanced technology on the inside, just check out the outside. Say goodbye to the keypad and buttons all together. Macchitelli says it's completely virtual.

"If you want to touch weather, stocks, make a phone call, get on the Internet, it's all by touch of your finger."

Consumer interest is so big that AT&T hired 2,000 extra workers to staff its stores when the phone comes out. All this for a product no one has even seen or touched.

But getting your hands on the iPhone will cost you. It's $500 to $600 for the device, plus a two year contract with AT&T, with monthly service fees ranging from $60 to $100. But for some of us, it's worth the price for having the hottest new phone around.

We can buy the iPhone in the Rockford area at the AT&T East State Street location and at CherryVale Mall.

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