Rockford Test Scores

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An embarrassment is how many Rockford school leaders describe students' latest standardized test results.

"I don't think anybody's happy with where we are. It's difficult sometimes for people to understand that even though these fall into the average range, they should be better than they are," said District 205 Assessment Specialist Frank Schepley.

Overall students’ scores were average dipping slightly lower than five years ago, but the real concern is the wide discrepancy between how African American and white students tested. Fourth grade math results show white students performed as well or better than 62 percent of students nationally, while only 34 percent of black students did the same.

"It's a concern for everyone. There's no quick and easy answer to it," said Schepley.

Schepley says the findings are reflected district-wide and Hispanic students also perform below their white peers.

"Of course no two schools are alike, but it's a system-wide concern," said Schepley.

Superintendent Thompson says it might be the teachers that need to spend more time in the classroom with administrators learning what these tests cover.

"It's a real eye-opener. Many times nobody's ever sat down with the teachers and said what are the components of the math scores," Said Dr. Dennis Thompson.

School administrators say more tests aren't the answer but the district certainly can learn from these findings.