NIU Move In Day

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The population of Dekalb grew by several thousand Thursday, as new students descended on Northern Illinois University. More than 6,000 freshmen moved into their dorm rooms Thursday.

Threatening skies, a two-mile backup, a bumpy golf cart ride and some heavy lifting couldn't dampen the spirits of one NIU freshman on move-in day.

"It's a nice procedure they've got going. I thought when we pulled in it would take forever but we got in under an hour,” says NIU freshman Eric Limburg.

Eric Limburg is the first of his parents' three children to head off to college.

"It’s a good experience for him. It's time he see more of the world. He'll survive,” comments Eric’s dad, Ken Limburg.

But like most freshmen, Eric has first day jitters.

"A little nervous, but I think I’ll be all right,” says Eric.

"Nervous scared. They just stand around not really sure what to do or what to ask and who to ask,” says Dorm Director Nitin Goli.

Goli and hundreds of volunteers help nervous newcomers by answering questions, and moving boxes. But sometimes the parents are more stressed than the students, "They’re getting a little crazy," comments Eric of his parents.

"Mom’s a little stressed. I think she could use a cocktail before the day's over,” says Ken.

But parents and students know move-in day is just one of many challenges to come in the next four years.

NIU officials say this fall's freshmen class has almost 1,000 more students than last year's.