Supreme Court Decisions

The US Supreme Court hands down 3 major decisions today, one of them limits what our kids can display at school. The court is tightening restrictions on student speech saying that schools can prohibit expression that is interpreted as promoting drug use.

The ruling comes after a teen from Alaska displayed a banner reading Bong Hits For Jesus during a school field trip. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court also says ordinary taxpayers like us, can't challenge a White House initiative to help religious charities get federal money.

The ruling blocks a lawsuit by a group of atheists against 8 bush administration officials.

Closer to home, a victory for Wisconsin's anti-abortion group, Right To Life.

The supreme court eases restrictions on TV ads that are paid for by corporations and unions airing close to election time. The court says the current law limits free speech. This comes after the group was not allowed to air ads during the final 2 months before the 2004 elections.

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