Rockford Student Prays For Family's Safety

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"She pick up the phone and I heard people crying. That's all I heard. And then she told me, have chance told me, that my little brother has his leg broke and then the phone shut off," Junior Exantus said.

This was the last connection he had with his sister five minutes after the earthquake struck Haiti. A dial tone is now the frustrating sound becoming all too familiar to the 26-year-old Rockford college student who's frantically trying to reconnect with his family.

"It's really difficult when you live here and your family live in Haiti. And when you haven't heard from anyone in Haiti you don't know what's going on," Exantus said.

Before coming to Rockford two months ago, Exantus worked in an orphanage for four years. He knows one orphanage there collapsed and fears it's the one he dedicated his heart too.

"I'm scared, but I wish my family is still alive and all the kids in the orphanage still alive," Exantus said.

For now, Exantus hopes news coverage will shed some light on the whereabouts of his family.

"I can't even sleep all night. i try to keep watch CNN, the news, to see if I can see one of my family in the news, but I can't," Exantus said.

He's also focusing on his English improvement classwork to take his mind off worrying about the safety of his loved ones.

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