Dixon Remembers

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The former president, Ronald Reagan passed away Saturday after suffering for ten years from Alzheimer's disease. He was 93 years old. People from far and wide visited Reagan's hometown, Dixon, Illinois to pay their respects.

Flowers, balloons and flags express the sadness many Americans feel about losing our 40th President, Ronald Reagan. Since the news of Reagan's death hit the airwaves, people from all over made the trip to the late president's boyhood home in Dixon, Illinois.
Some were just around the corner. Others came from states far away.

To Dixon residents, Reagan has a long-lasting legacy that goes well beyond his years in the Oval Office.

Longtime boyhood friend of Reagan’s, Bill Thompson says, "I've been a friend of Dutch Reagan's for years and years. I met him first when he taught me how to swim at the old Lowell Park back in 1926."

Thompson was so close to Reagan that over the years he even dedicated a part of his living room and front yard to him. One Reverend from Sterling summed up many people's thoughts about America's great loss.

Reverend Scott Porter says, “He was a warm, kind man with a wonderful sense of humor. He could laugh at himself and I think that served him well personally, politically and leading our nation in the malaise that we came out of in the 1980's.”