Immigration Fraud Case Update

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All three men are accused of failing to disclose their previous history in the Bosnian military, which made worldwide headlines in 1995 for mass genocide in the Former Yugoslavia. Right now at least one of the men...53-year-old Vlado Kecojevic....remains at his Loves Park home after posting bond following an arrest Tuesday. We also went to the last known addresses of the other two men Saturday, also in Loves Park, and didn't find anyone at home. A lawyer for Kecojevic wouldn't comment on whether or not his client was in the Bosnian military. He did say that his client never committed any of the genocide and he said so in his green card application. "Question number eight asks if you've ever participated in any genencide and the answer obviously to them is no," said Dragan Milosevic, an attorney for Kecojevic.He added that green card applications don't even ask about former military history. But U-S immigration authorities are standing by their claims. The three accused men await court dates in a Chicago immigation court. That could happen in about a month.