Rockford's 8th Homicide

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His family calls him the jack-of-all trades. A talented landscaper, carpenter and painter. But now, 50-year-old Bill Jacobsen is known as a victim. Someone murdered him in his Whitman Street home Thursday night.

"It's just an unbelievable tragedy, it's a tremendous loss it's a loss to the community a loss to the family," says Bruce Jacobsen, Bill's cousin.

Jacobsen grew up in Loves Park and has spent the second half of his life at 638 Whitman. His family says he often chased away drug dealers and even offered to help those in need.

"People would panhandle from him and he'd offer to give them a job," Jacobsen says.

Relatives say Jacobsen was attacked and robbed three years ago, however he never complained even to those that saw him everyday.

"He was in bad shape had a broken jaw and I only heard about it from his mom," says neighbor Laura Figueroa.

An adventure seeker in his youth, Jacobsen chose to stay on Whitman Street even when others left due to a spike in drug activity.

"He was hanging in there trying to be a good person and help make it be a good neighborhood ad let like an obligation to some of the neighbors who were doing the same thing and just didn't make it," Jacobsen says.

Police are still searching for a suspect. If you know anything about this murder please call Crimestoppers.

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