New Loves Park Subdivision Upsets Neighbors

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Farmland near I-90 and Harlem Road could soon be covered with around 940 new homes. The subdivision which will be named Lake Hills was given the green light on Wednesday by Loves Park Alderman. The full council will be voting on Monday.

Developer Kurt Carlson says, "Both votes have been unanimous so I predict it should also be accepted on Monday."

Plans for the subdivision include a variety of single and multi-family homes. Two parks will also be built and given to the Rockford Park District, but nearby neighbors say they don't want the development. They're concerned about roads and emergency services like fire and police departments.

Ken Allison who lives across the street from where the subdivision is being built says, "You're talking 940 homes, close to 2,000 to 2,500 people in one area going to be served by a volunteer fire department what 3-4 miles away."

Kurt Carlson says neighbors shouldn't worry.

"Once the project is started in the city they'll have police and fire protection and also sewer and water in the area."

Neighbors also don't want to see identical houses.

"They said it would not be a monotonous subdivision . Well you got 940 units at six different models. That looks awful monotonous to me" said Allison.

Carlson promises the houses won't all look alike. He says concerned residents should look at his Park Hills subdivision for a better idea of what to expect. But that might not be enough for Ken.

He says, "I won't say I'm sworn to stay here. Wife isn't happy about this."

Construction will begin in the spring and is expected to continue for the next 8 to 12 years. It will bring around 2,000 more people to the city.