MetroCentre Construction Officially Begins

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A single blow to the MetroCentre's western wall, marks the very beginning of something new. This is where a three-story club section will go. It has 11 corporate suites. Eight of them are already sold and ticket holders have claimed a-quarter of the 2-hundred club seats.

"It has exceeded my expectations I'll be honest because we don't have a lot of the things together to show them and there hasn't been any work started and it's been amazing," says MetroCentre General Manager Corey Pearson.

First on the construction to-do list, install a video board and build a party deck. Then its' a new press box and add more stalls into the restrooms. Plus in addition to the 20-million dollars in revenue, the new and improved MetroCentre will filter an extra $5.5 million dollars to Rockford.

"The building and the organization will be on a lot more sound financial footing and we certainly like that as taxpayers we move into the future future we know it can do a lot better job of spurring economic development not just for downtown but for the whole community," says Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey.

Construction on a grand, glass entrance at Chestnut and Church Streets begins next summer along with a major paint job. Unless a new naming right sponsor chooses other wise, MetroCentre leaders say chances are it won't be orange.

Construction should be complete by next fall. A few Rock River Rapters games will continue throughout the summer. And then the big orange box will open back up on November 2nd for the first Icehogs game with the American Hockey League.

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