Could a Casino Come to Rockford?

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The race is on for five communities trying to cash in on the state's final gaming license.

One of those happens to be Rockford. But, just what chance does the second city have in getting the license and if it does, where will the money come from to bid for it

Those are tough questions the mayor says he has already addressed. He is already planning to bid for the license with the help of a development group. It's a gamble he wants to win.

The application process is expected to top half a billion dollars to secure a license. But Rockford isn't the only community hoping to win it

Rosemont, Des Plaines, summit and Waukegan are all planning to win the license Rosemont lost to mob corruption. But some think this a gamble Rockford will lose

Rockford's bid for the final gaming license looks a lot better since Beloit rejected a casino there. And Mayor Scott believes Rockford has as good a chance as anyone.

Mayor Scott believes what might set Rockford apart from the rest of Illinois is the influence of the late Zeke Giorgi who passed the state's lottery. When he was alive he wanted a casino here in Rockford and it might just take the political clout he still has to help anchor a riverboat here.