Sales Tax Confusion

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July first is in less than two weeks. That's the day the one-percent sales tax increase is supposed to take effect. This allows Rockford to start collecting four-million dollars for road projects. But without the Governor's signature, construction will be put-off until next year.

"If he didn't support it, he should just veto the bill which would give us the ability to override it but because he hasn't acted on it to sign it or veto we can't respond," says Senator Dave Syverson.

Once the Governor approves the referendum, the Illinois Department of Revenue must send every business owner a letter informing them of the increase. That business then must change their registers from charging a seven and a quarter percent sales tax to eight and quarter. So setting the suggested June 15th deadline would give business owners enough time to prepare.

"The tax payers have spoken they've supported this so we want to start moving forward with the progress in the community," says Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey.

The Illinois Department of Revenue says they'll be lenient and allow Rockford to collect the sales tax. If the Governor signs a few days before July first. Or else we'll have to wait at least another year to drive on better roads.

If the Governor doesn't sign, the sales tax hike won't go into effect until January first. But construction on top priority roads could still start soon, if the city council can make room in the budget.

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