Choosing a Babysitter

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That recent abduction has many parents wondering how they can find a safe sitter.

Finding a good babysitter can be a daunting task. But picking the wrong one creates even greater challenges.

Looking for a babysitter for her three kids is not a task Michele Wirtz takes lightly.

“Try to find someone that mirrors your values and morals and has the same criteria about raising kids,” offers Wirtz.

Wirtz's experience with babysitters goes deeper than most parents. She's been a teacher, a counseling to parents choosing childcare, and a childcare provider herself.

"Spend time with them. And see how that person is around your kid. Go to a park or a playground and interact with them,” says Wirtz.

Wirtz says safety and maturity should be your top concerns when choosing a sitter.

Background checks and a screening process are an important part of the process.